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Adaptive 360 Emerging Customer Success


Adaptive 360 Emerging Customer Success

5 Competencies
64 Questions



Measures emerging customer success managers, including customer focus, communication, problem-solving, and relationship building.



Includes feedback from peers, managers, and customers.



The 5 competencies assessed are:

  1. Customer onboarding
  2. Management & Advocacy
  3. Outcome Achievement
  4. Opportunity cultivation
  5. Professional orientation



The assessment typically consists of a questionnaire with 64 questions.


Time Taken to Complete:

The assessment takes around 10-14 minutes to complete.


The Adaptive 360 Emerging Customer success is created by The Valla group and is based on proven psychological theories and practices and provides a comprehensive analysis of an individual’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as their potential for growth and development. The platform has been designed to provide a comprehensive self-paced sales skills development that uses technology on the foundation of newer learning of these theories.