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AL360 Subscription & Assessment Pricing

Subscription plans only offer platform access, while assessment coaching, facilitated by knowledgeable coaches, requires an additional fee. To get the assessment coaches need to select assessment options from a comprehensive list. Each option is accompanied by detailed descriptions and corresponding prices.

If you’re a mentee and want to improve your Leadership skills, discover your path with option assessments and visit our assessments page to choose the perfect fit for your growth journey.

    • Subscription
    • Description
    • Dashboard
    • Program
    • Analytics
    • PDP
    • Community
    • Custom Assessments
    • Profit Sharing
    • Custom Branding
    • Silver
    • $199per Year
      1. Ideal for coaches seeking to effectively manage assessments, review team analytics, recommend personal development solutions and monitor intervention progress with precision and expertise.
    • Gold
    • $299per Year
      1. The ultimate choice for coaches who desire community-based learning, with all the features of the Silver Package and more.
    • Platinum
    • $999per Year
      1. Designed for coaches seeking advanced capabilities, it includes all the features of the Gold Package and more, such as the ability to create and share custom assessments, as well as earn a 20% royalty when your assessments are sold.
    • Diamond
    • $5999per Year
      1. Exclusively tailored for coaches aiming to build their coaching business, it encompasses all the Platinum Package features and more, including white labeling to your company brand, a separate URL, business-building support, and flexible pricing options with a one-time setup fee and negotiated prices per assessment.