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AL360 offers both self and 360 assessments for individuals. These assessments provide insights into your strengths and weaknesses, allowing for self-discovery and personal development.
AL360 assessments are designed for professionals, executives, managers, and students who are committed to personal development and improving their skills in specific areas.
The Platinum package offers coaches the opportunity to enhance their leadership development efforts. With the Platinum package, coaches gain access to exclusive features, including the ability to create customized assessments tailored to their organization's unique goals and values. This empowers coaches to deliver targeted and impactful leadership development experiences to their teams.
To create an account on the AL360 website, simply visit al360.com and click on "Create Account." Fill in the required information to set up your account. Once your account is created, you can explore the different package options available on the pricing page. Select the subscription that best suits your needs and proceed to the checkout page to complete your purchase.
The website offers Silver, Gold, and Platinum packages for Coaches. For custom assessment development, please contact our team for the Diamond package.

Once you have selected a package, click on “Subscribe” and follow the
prompts to complete the checkout process.

A link will be shared on the email address you provided during the checkout
process. Using this link, you generate your password. Please check your
inbox, including the spam/junk folder.

Firstly, choose the program after logging in. Once logged in, you can access
the “Invite Mentees” section and enter the email addresses of the mentees you
want to invite. They will receive an invitation to take the assessment.

Yes, the package payment includes an invitation for one mentee. If you would like to invite more than one mentee, additional invitations can be purchased from the specified options on the website.
Gift cards are distributed by the organization through social media marketing or email campaigns. You will receive a code via email, which can be used to update your wallet on the platform.
Promotion codes are provided by the organization during the checkout process, offering discounts on specific packages. Keep an eye out for promotions
Absolutely! AL360 offers tailored solutions for organizations, allowing them to assess and develop their teams' skills, improve performance, and foster a culture of continuous learning.
Yes, AL360 prioritizes confidentiality and data privacy. All assessment responses and results are handled securely and accessible only to authorized individuals involved in the assessment process.