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Associate Engagement Survey

Team Feedback

Associate Engagement Survey

8 Competencies
59 Questions



The AL360 Engagement Survey aims to delve into the heartbeat of our organization – you, the employees. It’s designed to gauge your level of engagement and provide us with actionable insights to enhance your work experience. Our goal is to create a workplace where you’re motivated, empowered, and proud to be a part of our team.


The AL360 Engagement Survey assesses employee engagement across various dimensions that impact your overall job satisfaction. It evaluates areas such as work environment, communication, opportunities for growth, and alignment with the organization’s goals. This survey is an opportunity for you to voice your opinions and provide valuable feedback that will shape the strategies we implement.

Engagement is more than just a buzzword; it’s about how connected and committed you feel to your work and the organization. This survey helps us understand what drives your engagement, what challenges you might face, and how we can create a more supportive and thriving workplace.


The survey consists of a thoughtfully designed questionnaire with 5 questions tailored to your experiences and perceptions within the organization. Your honest responses will guide us in making informed decisions to enhance the employee experience.



The 8 competencies assessed are:

    1. Leadership
    2. Communication
    3. Teamwork
    4. Recognition
    5. Work Life Balance
    6. Personal Growth
    7. Work Environment
    8. Organization


Time Taken to Complete:
Completing the survey should take approximately 2-3minutes of your time. Your investment in this survey will contribute to a workplace that better reflects your needs and aspirations.


The AL360 Engagement Survey is administered by Azvantage. This platform is built on years of expertise in employee engagement and supported by research. It’s a tool for us to collectively contribute to shaping a work environment where everyone can thrive.