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Three benefits of using Adaptive Learning 360

Three benefits of using Adaptive Learning 360

AL360 is a platform created from a vision to assist students with career readiness and for usage in 360-feedback leadership development based on 360-feedback research.

The vision of AL360 is to empower the mentee to take control of their own leadership journey. We ensure that leadership development can occur at all levels of any organization as the cost is low for the assessment and the coaching can be guided via emerging technologies. AL360 platform’s 6 modules are specially designed for the mentee to learn through connecting with other learners under the supervision of professional and qualified coaches.

  1. Self-control on your leadership journey:AL360 provides the mentee the ability to take charge of their own leadership development. The Self-directed Learning (SDL) concept allows every individual to learn about their strengths and weaknesses on their own. The feedback collected using the SDL model that leverages person, process and context will be used in an iterative process of improving the process and context for improved self-awareness and accountability in leadership development at all levels of the organization.
  2. Inexpensive 360 Assessments:This platform offers Inexpensive 360 Assessments that can be completed by anyone from the executive to the root level employees of any organization. The low cost factor allows every individual to afford this 360-feedback for the betterment of their future.
  3. Specially Designed Modules:The AL360 platform’s six modules are especially created for the mentee to learn by interacting with other students while being supervised by qualified coaches.

    In the newly developed AL360 platform, the manual reporting has been replaced with a real-time online data analytics module that was reviewed by the learner and discussed with their manager to create self-awareness about the strengths and areas for improvement based on a customized assessment that was designed to align with the goals and values of the organization.