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Data Analytics

The AL360 Analytics module is created to build self-awareness with minimum support from an executive coach. AL360 accomplishes this by first ensuring that all the data is available online versus the traditional capability of printing the assessment results.

Visualize your Prospects

Data Analytics and Visualization ensures self-awareness and provides future predictions for improvement
Competencies Detail
Showcasing an overview of the quantitative and qualitative data and a comparison to the other members in the program.
Group Comparison
This shows how the rater groups provide feedback and whether this follows a trend for how the mentee treats one set of raters versus another set of raters.
Questionnaire Results
Provides detailed feedback on each of the questions for each of the competencies to see what questions led to the high or low scores in each competency.
See All Data
Specifically a functionality only for coaches. A coach can access all the mentees and rater data on one chart to understand the data hollistically and give collective feedback.
Longitudinal Feedback
Provides a comparison report on the same assessment over time to identify if the leadership development yielded behavioral changes over an eight-to-eighteen-month time horizon.
Personal Development Planning
Personalized and reflection based learning focusing on possible future opportunities and barriers for eternal personal and professional growth
Customizable Assessments
Customize assessments by choosing competencies suiting your needs and focusing on specific job roles for a detailed synopsis

Develop each Individual in your Organization

Motivating each member of the organization and understanding their needs is the key for development

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