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Are your organizational leaders ready at all levels of the organization?

90% of the Fortune 500 companies use 360-feedback leadership development (Dai, 2010) but restrict it to key executives in the organization.

AL360 Platform for Leadership Development

At Adaptive Learning 360 (AL360) our goal is to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and newer learning theories of constructivism & connectivism to democratize 360-feedback based leadership development.

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  • Provide proven self and 360 assessments for $49 or $99 (or less)
  • Allow mentees to self discover strengths and weaknesses with online analytics 
  • Create personal development plan (PDP) with curated content to help with self development
  • Work in a learning community for peer to peer learning with the role of coach as a facilitator 
  • Coaches can rapidly develop customized assessments aligned with goal and values of the organization

We invite you to explore our proven assessments and adaptive learning platform to become the best that you can be.

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Discover valuable insights about yourself with our collection of free self-assessment tools, available at your fingertips.

Adaptive Leadership 360

The Adaptive 360-Leadership is designed to be evaluated by a rater for an individual’s leadership style, strengths, and development areas. It provides leaders with actionable insights to enhance their effectiveness, build stronger teams, and achieve better business outcomes. The assessment is commonly used for leadership development, team building, and talent management. To view Sample analytics, Read More…
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Career Ready 360

Career Ready is designed to measure the research-based Career Readiness 360 assessment developed with 8 competencies by NACE (National Association of Colleges and Employers)
To view Sample Analytics Read More…

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Emotional Intelligence 360

Emotional Intelligence (EQ), based on the pioneering research of Goleman, Salovey, and Meyer, assesses an individual’s capacity to recognize, comprehend, and regulate their own emotions, as well as those of others. To view Sample Analytics Read More…
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Social Intelligence 360

Social Intelligence 360, drawing from the research of Merrill and Reid on social styles, is tailored to assist individuals in recognizing and comprehending their unique social styles. This knowledge can significantly enhance communication and foster healthier relationships with others, making it a valuable tool for personal development. To view Sample Analytics Read More…
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Peer Team Feedback

Our specialized Team Evaluation Assessment for coaches and faculty is informed by research from Gueldenzoph and May (2002), Johnston and Miles (2004), and Oakley et al. (2004). These sources guide our assessment, aligning it with proven principles for evaluating team performance. To view Sample Analytics Read More…
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Associate Engagement Survey

The AL360 Engagement Survey aims to delve into the heartbeat of our organization – you, the employees. It’s designed to gauge your level of engagement and provide us with actionable insights to enhance your work experience. Our goal is to create a workplace where you’re motivated, empowered, and proud to be a part of our team.
To view sample analytics, Read More…

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Over $350B spent globally on Leadership Development (Westfall, 2019) with lackluster leadership development results

  • 55% of CEO’s identify developing the next generation of leaders as their top challenge
  • 84% of CHRO identify developing employee’s leadership skills as their number one priority over the next 10 years
  • 11% of respondents are confident about filling leadership roles as part of succession planning
DDI Global research conducted with 1,742 global organizations (Bersin, 2021)

360-feedback leadership assessment is a very effective form of leadership development when combined with any form of coaching (Ali, 2022)

  • The leader compares self-assessment results with assessments made by several raters to create self-awareness of leadership strengths and areas for development (Payne, 1998)
  • 360-feedback leadership development is used for leadership development at 90% of the Fortune 500 companies (Dai, 2010) but restricted to the key executives of an organization due to high cost where coaching is identified as most critical function and the largest expense of the program (Hardison, 2015)
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AL360, your Leadership Toolbox

Self Managed Programs

The platform’s backbone, where you may personalize any feature while creating a long-term program to meet your specific needs

Data Analytics

The platform’s backbone, where you may personalize any feature while creating a long-term program to meet your specific needs

Personal Development Plan

Personalized and reflection based learning focusing on possible future opportunities and barriers for eternal personal and professional growth

Community-Based Learning

A platform enabling productive interactions with executive coaches and peers for improved collective learning

Customizable Assessments

Custom or pre-built assessments enabling to choose competencies focusing on specific job roles for a detailed synopsis.

Built in Assessments

An overview of all the data collected for an overall analysis including mentee results and rankings.

Assessments available on AL360

Leadership assessment icon

Leadership Self

60 Questions
12 Competencies
Leadership assessment icon

Executive 360

60 Questions
12 Competencies
Social Intelligence assessment icon

Social Intelligence 360

24 Questions
4 Competencies
Emotional Intelligence Assessment Icon

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) 360

48 Questions
4 Competencies

Facilitators & Coaches

Zain Ali

Zain Ali

Zain Ali is the founder of Azvantage, and managing partner for Sunbonn, both internationally recognized professional service providers in areas.
Lisa M. Ong

Lisa M. Ong

An award-winning inclusion strategy consultant, speaker, and professional certified executive coach. Expertise to co-create diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy to cultivate a better workplace.
Charles Maddox

Charles Maddox

Over 20 years of technical leadership in software and electronics development. Proven team leader and strategy developer.
Dr. Raed Omar Sbeit

Dr. Raed Omar Sbeit

Globally Recognized continuous improvement executive and coach. IT & Network Technology Strategy Executive.
Kim Leifsen

Kim Leifsen

Kim has over 20 years of combined experience in benefits, corporate recruiting, executive search, employee assessments, and leadership development.
Dave Fosburgh

Dave Fosburgh

Combined 25 years experience (employee and independent) in sales support, instructional design, writing, Virtual and Face-to-Face program facilitation.

Career Ready Leadership

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